How do I upload testimonials and reviews to my profile?

Honest feedback from past customers is extremely helpful for potential future customers. Our data tells much of the story, but there is no replacing a heartfelt testimonial from someone with whom you have worked.

Find the “Testimonials” section of your profile and select the “Add Testimonial” button. You will have the ability to import your client testimonials. HomeLight will quickly screen all added testimonials for accuracy!

You may also personally request reviews from your client network. Locate the “Reviews” section of your profile and select the “Get Client Reviews”  button. You will have the ability to customize an email to each client within the Agent Portal or retrieve your unique review link.

We reward agents who collect the most customers reviews on their profile with a “Most Reviewed" badge which will be publicly displayed on your profile. HomeLight considers customer reviews as a strong signal of quality when making our agent recommendations to customers.

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