How do I upload my complete transaction history?

*Please note, you must have a minimum of 15 verified transactions from the last 2 years on your account.* 

Step 1 - Open the Template Spreadsheet

Download and open the template spreadsheet. In order to do this, you will need to use spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, or Google Sheets.

Step 2 - Copy and Paste Your Transaction Details Into the Spreadsheet

Copy and paste the details from your production report to the template spreadsheet.

  • Do not change or alter any of the header information in the first row of the spreadsheet. Doing so will result in an error, and your transactions will not be uploaded to HomeLight.
  • Do not skip any rows. If you skip a row, delete it so that there are no skipped empty rows in the spreadsheet.
  • You must fill out Columns A-K. Columns L-S are completely optional. However, the header at the top must remain intact. Definitions of each header row can be found here
  • The uploader will only accept a maximum of 500 rows total (499 transactions.) If the spreadsheet exceeds 500 rows, you will need to separate it into separate files so that you don’t exceed 500 rows.
  • When you are finished, save the file as a CSV file. Some programs may default to a different file type, so be sure to double check and make sure that the CSV file type is selected.

Step 3 - Upload the Complete Spreadsheet to HomeLight

Step 3 - Upload the completed spreadsheet to HomeLight using the transaction upload tool in your agent portal. Navigate to the transaction upload tool in your Agent portal and choose the file to upload. If you experience any error messages, go back to step 2 and make sure the spreadsheet is properly formatted and saved in the CSV format.

Step 4 - Contact HomeLight to Verify Your Transactions

Once your transactions are successfully uploaded, they need to be verified by HomeLight. Email, or your Agent Success Manager, with supporting evidence of your transactions. This could be an MLS screenshot or a PDF of your production report - whatever you have, send it in, and our team will review and approve your transactions. More information on transaction verification can be found here

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