How do I upload transaction history to my profile?

1. Click here to log into your HomeLight Agent Portal, or select “Log In” on our homepage

2. Once logged in select Profile located on the top right corner of the page. Within your profile select Add/Manage found on top right hand side of the Selected Real Estate Transactions section

3. The upload page has instructions and a place to upload your transactions. It's important that you format the spreadsheet the correct way. Here are more detailed instructions on how to do it. If you need assistance, you can email with your spreadsheet attached.

4. Download the transaction template (at the bottom of this article/page). If you are bulk exporting from an MLS site, you will need to copy and paste the spreadsheet columns into HomeLight's template.

5. Things to keep in mind:

    • The transaction up-loader will only process spreadsheets with a 100 row maximum. If you are trying to upload more than 100 transactions, you will need to split your transactions into multiple spreadsheet and upload several times.
    • We only require agent information for 1 side of the transaction. If you were the selling agent for a transaction, fill in your license number, name and office into the seller agent license number, seller agent name and seller agent office cells. You can leave all the buyer's agent cells blank.

HomeLight transaction template description

Column Header row value Description Sample Values Required or Optional
A STATUS Current listing status Closed, sold Required
B LISTING DATE Date when property was listed, in format mm/dd/yyyy 9/15/2015 Required
C SELLING DATE Date when property closed, in format mm/dd/yyyy 10/31/2016 Required
D ORIGINAL LISTING PRICE Original listing price $555,555, 222222 Required
E SELLING PRICE Final selling price  $555,555, 222222 Required
F TYPE Type of property, either residential or commercial Residential, commercial Required
G PROPERTY TYPE Type of property involved in transaction single_family, condo, townhome, tic, mobile_home, or other Required
H ADDRESS1 Primary property address 123 Main St Required
I ADDRESS2 Additional address info on property Unit #2, Lot 133 Optional
J  CITY     Required
K  STATE State abbreviation  TX, CA, NY Required 
ZIPCODE  5 digit zipcode  12345  Required 
O BUYER AGENT LICENSE NUMBER   Keller Williams  Required
R SELLER AGENT LICENSE NUMBER   Sotheby's International   Required
S MLS Name of MLS that this transaction was reported in    Optional
T MLS NUMBER The unique ID the MLS assigned this transaction    Optional 
U CLIENT NAME  Name of your client, used for verification. Clark Kent Optional 
V CLIENT EMAIL  Email address of your client, used for verification.  Optional 
W BEDS     Optional 
X BATHS     Optional 
Y SQUARE FEET     Optional 
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