What is a verified transaction? How do I verify my transaction history?

Transactions that have been verified by your clients contribute to HomeLight’s algorithm, boosting your ranking and increasing your likelihood of receiving referrals.

To submit a client name and email for verification purposes, you can either enter the names in the two columns of the uploaded spreadsheet, or through clicking "Get Verified" on an unverified transaction.

We will use this information solely for the purpose of emailing your clients to confirm that they worked with you on the transaction in question.

Sample email that we send clients

"Sally Sample asked us to confirm with you that Sally helped you sell a home at 123 Main Street around December 25, 2105.
If you worked with Sally, please help him/her out by clicking here to confirm the transaction. Also, if you have time you can submit a review for Sally to help out others by clicking here.
If you have any questions about this email or wish to find out more about HomeLight and how we help home sellers and buyers, feel free to visit us at homelight.com or call us at 888-998-1909 .
Thanks for your help in our effort to illuminate the real estate market!"

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