How do I decline a HomeLight referral?

If you are unable to work with a client referred by HomeLight, please let us know as soon as possible.


There are a few ways to let HomeLight know you are unable to work with a client.

  • Select "decline" upon your initial phone call to the client using the HomeLight provided phone number, pin number. You will be prompted to decline during the recorded message before connecting with the client.
  • Select the "I am unable to work with this client" link in the "New Referral" email from HomeLight. Click here to see a screenshot detailing where you can find this link.
  • Log in to your HomeLight Agent Portal and select the referral you would like to decline. Once referral is selected choose the "decline" button. If you have already connected with this client, select the "I will not be working with the client" button.

If you are declining a referral due to the client being outside of your service area or because this client is not a right fit please email with specific feedback so we can assure future matches are a better fit!

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