How do I upload a single transaction to my profile?


Uploading Transactions

1. Click here to log into your HomeLight Agent Portal, or select Are you a professional? in the top-right on our homepage.

2. Once logged in select Profile located on the top right corner of the page. Within your profile select Add/Manage found on the top right-hand side of the Selected Real Estate Transactions section

3. Here, you will see a page titled Past Transactions. If you wish to manually upload transactions, select the Add Transaction button.

4. You will be able to fill out your transaction information here.

    • The first section is required transaction information.
    • The second section is optional property details. However, we recommend you provide this information because it will help match you with the best clients.
    • The third section is client verification.  This is important because HomeLight needs verified transactions to count towards agent ranking. While we will display unverified information on your profile, it will not actually be taken into account in our client matching algorithms. We will only use your clients’  information solely to confirm that they worked with you on the transaction in question.

5. Once you have filled in all required information, you will be able to submit your transaction by selecting Add to Profile.

Deleting and Editing Transactions

We don’t currently allow agents to edit the information they uploaded. If you inputted your transaction information incorrectly, please delete it and input it again. If the transaction is verified, then you will not be able to delete it. Please reach out to


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