How HomeLight works

HomeLight matches agents with motivated clients who are buying or selling homes. Use HomeLight to find new referrals and grow your business.

We’re the trusted source for top agent recommendations

Clients come to us looking for agents, not properties. We ask clients about what they’re looking for in an agent, and they ask us to help them find the top performing agents in their area. Then, we look through our database of over 18 million verified real estate transactions (collected from over 2 million agents) and generate unbiased recommendations.

We prequalify the client for you

One of our HomeLight Home Consultants will call and email the client. If we can’t reach them, we use other methods to ensure it’s a quality referral. We let them know that a top agent will be reaching out to them soon.

You get warm leads, for free

If our algorithm matches you to the client, a HomeLight Home Consultant will reach out to you. If you accept the referral, we ask that you respond to the client within the next 30 minutes, as they are awaiting your call.

Our referrals only go out to 3 agents

We respect our top agents’ time and don’t want clients to be bombarded by phone calls.

You only pay if the transaction closes

We have a simple and standard 25% broker-to-broker referral fee that you only pay if the client closes escrow with you. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

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