Agent Preferences

HomeLight uses transaction data to connect buyers and sellers with the best possible real estate agent for their unique situation.

In order to ensure that our referrals are also a good fit for our agents, we ask agents to complete all of their referral preferences. This will not only help you better communicate who you are to the clients but will also allow us to better understand the types of referrals that are a good fit for you.

Please find each section below:

Referral Setting - Let us know your minimum price point and whether you wish to work with buyers, sellers, or both. Additionally, you can let us know what types of properties you prefer and if you speak additional languages. Please visit this page for a detailed breakdown.

Location Preferences - Have certain areas you prefer to work or not work in? This is where you let us know. Instructions and additional details can be found here.

Client Greetings - When we connect you with a referral, this will be your first chance to set a great impression! This message will be sent to each referral as they are paired with you and will help create trust and confidence in you as their potential agent. For further instructions, please visit this link.

Contact & Professional Details - You’ll want to enter the best contact information for clients and HomeLight to reach out. For a breakdown of how to do this, go here.

Vacation Settings - Going out of town? Not looking to receive referrals for a set amount of time? Not a problem! You can let us know here if you would like to temporarily stop receiving HomeLight referrals. You’ll find further instructions on this page.

Specialties - Do you have specialties, skills, or certifications you want clients and HomeLight to know about? Let your abilities shine here. Further instructions can be found here.

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