Why am I receiving an error message when I attempt to upload my transactions?


If you receive an error message while uploading your transaction history, please confirm that your spreadsheet matches our template exactly. Our uploader is very specific, and just one out-of-place character can cause an error.

Below are some helpful tips for bulk transaction uploads. 

Rules of thumb for the spreadsheet:

  1. You must enter information in Columns A-K ("Representing" through "Zip Code")
  2. Columns L-U ("MLS" through "Other Agent license number") are completely optional
  3. Column H ("Address number 2") can be left blank unless there is an associated unit number
  4. Do not change, delete, or edit the header (Row 1) of the spreadsheet in any way
  5. A single spreadsheet cannot exceed 499 transactions
  6. States such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont must include a 0 before the standard zip code.
  7. Spreadsheets cannot have any blank/filler rows or columns.
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