How do I raise my ranking?

In order to provide a truly unbiased agent recommendation to each client, we do not offer the opportunity to pay for promotions or increased visibility. You can raise your HomeLight ranking and increase your referral potential by improving the performance metrics that make you a great real estate agent.

Our algorithm considers the following performance metrics:

  • Geographic, property type, and price point expertise based on historical transactions
  • Transaction volume by year
  • Average sale price vs. average listing price
  • Average days on market
  • Qualitative customer reviews from prior clients
  • Fast initial response to HomeLight referrals and timely updates through the HomeLight agent portal
  • Success rate with HomeLight referrals

Please note that, since we cannot guarantee referrals, we are unable to provide a timeline for when you may start to receive them. Rest assured, once our algorithm matches you, a member of our team will reach out right away!

How do I increase my referral potential?

To put it simply: by demonstrating success. Adding content to your profile and encouraging your clients to review you on HomeLight are the two best ways to quickly boost your rankings. Completing transactions in your target neighborhoods is key for longterm success.

Quick tips to boost your profile ranking:

  • Upload your Past Transaction History
    • For detailed instructions on how to upload and display your entire history of closed transactions, click here.
  • Your profile is your introduction to each referred client. Customize your biography with unique, creative content that details your career accomplishments.
    • For steps on how to complete your profile, click here.
  • Upload a profile photo
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